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||STRONG||SANE||HAPPY||DARING||FEARLESS||RISK TAKER||FREEDOM|| Keely and I met at our 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training about a year and a half ago. In a room of 13+ people, all quite different and at the same time alike, we gravitated towards each other very fluidly. We simply started sitting next to each other in class. There wasn’t […]

Yoga Portraits Delray Beach

I think life puts people in front of me to show me what kindness, stability, gentleness, honesty, patience, and sweetness look like. Mark Ryan being one of those people who embodies the essence of each word and then pours it all out for the world to receive. This sweet sweet soul! We met at Yoga […]

Community: noun /kəˈmyo͞onədē/ a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. ♥ Every time I think of Jess Pfeffer and her brand, Holistic Event Planning, the word community comes to mind. It is a big word that carries a variety of connotations and yet Jess embodies it […]

Real Connections Wellness Event

I must say, right of the bat, that this event radiated BOSS LADY vibes from start to finish. Putting Dr. Shivani Gupta from Fusionary Formulas, Leslie Glickman from Yoga Journey, and Jess Pfeffer with Holistic Event Planning in one space just screams femme power all day, everyday. Which is why it makes it by far […]

Real Connections Wellness Event

Release and Flow Solstice The afternoon started with a mild sprinkle. Well, not so mild, but quick. You know, one of those winter Florida showers that are done in about 10 minutes. Quite refreshing if I may say so myself! We gathered at this mystical secret garden tucked away in the downtown area of Delray […]

Jess Real Connections

  As a visual artist who is also a yoga guide (teacher) and student, I always try to find a sacred place of practice where I can roll out my mat  and feel safe unraveling through the many motions. Casa Mannabliss is one of the few “temples,” among others, where it feels like home. It […]

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