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This past month I had the pleasure of representing Ben Hicks, as lead photographer, at Honeywell President’s Club event in Miami. While Ben was in Ireland shooting another corporate event, I was holding down the fort in South Florida. I have to say having Julia as a second shooter was a huge support. The woman […]

Storystick event Honeywell

She has seen transformations go from carriages to electric cars, letters to iPhones, panty-hoses to booty shorts, and daily outdoor markets to grocery home delivery. My “abuelita” Isabel, had seen almost a century of life and world changes. Until two Decembers ago she had a ritual morning routine that was delicate and quite feminine. With […]

You know when you feel you have created something beautiful. A creation that blooms from a state of alignment and deep connection with your core. Well I have birthed this project that feels incredible and prosperous. My baby, if I do say so myself. Took me a month to settle with the idea and 3 […]


You’ve set your alarms, but do not want to get up. Eating is more of a force of habit rather than pleasure. Everyday seems like a drag. Your emotions have become so desensitized to the point that you no longer feel. Numbness we call it. The lack of motivation only really leaves room for going […]

Maria Mor Photography

They went to the same school, shared the same friends, but never spoke to each other until their high school reunion in 2010. At a friend’s birthday party their love would fruition. You know, boy meets girl. Some flirting happens and by some magic of the Gods they have been inseparable ever since. They rarely […]

Boho Garden Wedding South Florida

I didn’t know how to start this blog post. I sat in front of my computer screen with my cursor pulsating on a blank page. I thought and thought and thought, but only the feelings I felt during this particular portrait shoot came to mind. “Why would people like to read about my feelings behind […]

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