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Yoga Portraits: Mark Ryan – Sweet Soul

Beach Sunrise Landscape

I think life puts people in front of me to show me what kindness, stability, gentleness, honesty, patience, and sweetness look like. Mark Ryan being one of those people who embodies the essence of each word and then pours it all out for the world to receive. This sweet sweet soul!

We met at Yoga Journey, our local yoga studio. I worked the front desk as he took a private class with my now mentor, Leslie Glickman. Firm handshake, quiet disposition, calms demeanor. Hides his career success quite humbly too. We became good friends in the time that followed. My favorite facts about him being he cares for two very fluffy cats and enjoys vegan pizza from time to time.

Yoga Portraits

For his birthday this year, Leslie and I worked together with Mark to co-create these visual stills in the form of yoga portraits. We woke up at the crack of dawn and shared the sunrise over some coffee, the beach, creativity, and of course yoga. Out of all the genres that make up photography, yoga portraits are actually one of my favorite genres to capture, because I have the privilege of mixing both of my passions together. Not to mention that I jump at any opportunity of collaborating with Mother Earth in composing any set of images. To me photography + yoga + nature make the absolute trifecta. I do not have to convince you, just take a look below and enjoy Mark’s essence!


Yoga Portraits Yoga Portraits Yoga Portraits Yoga Portraits Yoga Portraits



  1. Yoffre Mor says:

    Maravilloso, fotografias inspiradoras, impecables. Tu lente hace magia.

    • mmor says:

      Gracias, gracias, gracias! Me alegra mucho que the haya gustado Pa 🙂 fue con mucha inspiración y pasión.

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