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• The Mystic • /ˈmistik/ noun “a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.” The first words that came out of Danielle’s mouth upon starting our co-creating experience were: “I want to be one […]

The Mystic - Lifestyle Portraits

On this day unexplainably good things happened! I simply cannot describe it other than magic was present at every moment of this photographic experience. It felt so easy and fluid. Of course, I will always credit Mother Earth for her beautiful natural backdrops she painted for us. Such a gift to be mirrored back all […]

On each of our co-creation experiences I always send you a “Get To Know You” Questionnaire where I ask you to share with me a little bit about your partnership, or your life, or your individual self. The questions vary between fun and quirky to deep and insightful! Of course you are always encouraged to […]

Alex and I have known each other since high school or maybe even middle school. In other words, we go way back! I felt so stoked to have received her email inquiring about a couple’s engagement photoshoot session. Which, by the way, I now refer to as a visual co-creating experience. In fact, I refer […]

Couple's Engagement Delray Beach Florida

Over the past two years I’ve been given the opportunity to share my knowledge of yoga, wellness, breath, and meditation in both work and academia settings with the goal of providing tools to manage stress, ease anxiety, increase productivity, and ignite a more peaceful and introspective inner well-being. Every time I finish hosting one of […]

Corporate Yoga Wellness Event

  Seven years and I am still musing over this woman. Simply said, when Shayla and I get together we unleash MAGIC in the form of lifestyle portraits! She is the perfect mixture of delicate, fierce, sensual, and in her feminine energy. What rings true about our experience together is the simplicity by which it […]

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