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Yoga Portraits: Keely Maury - Freedom

"An animal lover with propensity to adopt ALL stray animals, including possums, I can only describe her with one word: FREEDOM."

anything in particular, but I can only assume we enjoyed each other’s energy. During those four intensive months of training and studying our friendship solidified quite beautifully and unexpectedly. We studied yoga together, practiced yoga together, created classes together, brainstormed together, and in some occasions, cried together. So when she inquired about co-creating yoga portraits I was all over it! 

Keely and I met at our 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training about a year and a half ago. In a room of 13+ people, all quite different and at the same time alike, we gravitated towards each other very fluidly. We simply started sitting next to each other in class. There wasn’t really

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