Maria Mor

I am going to sit here and explain to you the exhilarating feeling I organically receive simply from landing a gig that opens up my creative vaults! Usually these magical bookings come at an unexpected time and with very little details. They are instant opportunities with no room for overthinking. I kind of just have […]

Never in my photographic career would I think this magnificent gig would land so beautifully and unexpectedly on my lap. It is one of those serendipitous happenings that are short of amazing! For the past three years I have been working alongside Florida Atlantic University’s theater and dance department. Their productions have creatively enriched my […]

If there was a human dictionary with all of our names neatly listed, I would search for Tiff, Toph, or any of their little ones and the word authenticity would be typed right below their names. It may be that the word itself has been run down for the past few years by photographers, musicians, […]

When families hire me for a photographic experience I can see the excitement in their eyes! “It has been ages since we have been able to get the entire family together for a photograph,” they tell me. I can understand. Between work and activities, picking a time that is best for everyone can be difficult. […]

5:30am hit the clock. I got on a plane with my brown motorcycle leather jacket, camera gear, and a huge smile! Sitting on the aisle I knew that this experience was going to be life changing. Only the lights of the waking airport could be seen from the window. I could feel a slight air […]

…in between… The flirtatious eye gazing of their souls Her fingers sing a gentle song down her spine Lips, soft, kind, wet upon her cheek Laughter following her whisper Her head upon her lap, she closes her eyes with a deep sign She pulls her hair behind her ear Intertwined fingers, legs in a mixer […]

Maria Mor Photography
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