Maria Mor

When families hire me for a photographic experience I can see the excitement in their eyes! “It has been ages since we have been able to get the entire family together for a photograph,” they tell me. I can understand. Between work and activities, picking a time that is best for everyone can be difficult. […]

5:30am hit the clock. I got on a plane with my brown motorcycle leather jacket, camera gear, and a huge smile! Sitting on the aisle I knew that this experience was going to be life changing. Only the lights of the waking airport could be seen from the window. I could feel a slight air […]

If most of you follow me on Instagram (@themariamor) you will see that I occasionally showcase my Thursday mornings (2019 will be a little different) at Boca Raton’s Photography and Design Studio. Either Ben has arrived at the crack of dawn or after some quality time with the ocean and his surf board. We share […]

You could say that there are wine connoisseurs, coffee enthusiasts, and me: An “Ice Cream Consultant.”  When I think of ice cream, I picture a crunchy waffle cone with two dark chocolate scoops and dripping hot caramel on top! Yes, sit back, close your eyes and marvel with that visual. If I am on a […]

Museum of Ice Cream
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