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Wellness Event: ReEnergize with Jess Pfeffer

Community: noun

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Every time I think of Jess Pfeffer and her brand, Holistic Event Planning, the word community comes to mind. It is a big word that carries a variety of connotations and yet Jess embodies it with such grace and ease. Through Real Connections she brings together holistic talent/brands/products with members of our community by hosting self-care retreats and wellness events.

Real Connections

I’ve had the pleasure of using my camera to capture such interactions first hand. Noticing how people from all walks of life gather together at beautiful locations to enjoy yoga, sound healing, art journaling, dancing, animal movement, tarot readings, and more.

Real Connections Wellness Events

Our first experience together, ReEnergize yourself, consisted of Kriya yoga, Reiki, and chakra healing led by the goddesses Irina Vlada and Jessica Prestia. On the beautiful grassy area of the Beachcomber Resort and Club, members of South Florida cozied themselves on Lifeway yoga mats as they enjoyed three full hours of bliss and relaxation. Some probiotic Kefir, yoga mat, and one-of-kind mala beads were gifted as souvenirs towards the end. It was a cloudy day and yet the sun peaked its face to bless us all with a warm ending!

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Real Connections Wellness Events Lifeway Kefir Wellness Event Real Connections Wellness Events

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