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Couples Engagement: Food with Nicole and Will

On each of our co-creation experiences I always send you a “Get To Know You” Questionnaire where I ask you to share with me a little bit about your partnership, or your life, or your individual self. The questions vary between fun and quirky to deep and insightful! Of course you are always encouraged to share as much or as little as you’d like, but know that the more information you share with me the better. I consciously choose one of my favorite morning beverages and dedicate some time to get to know you. In fact, I look forward to this part of the creative process. It is important to me so that when our visual experience arrives, I can truly capture YOU, your essence!

Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

When it came to Nicole, Will, and their connection as lovers, food was their main event. From eating out, to leftovers, to cooking, to traveling – food felt like the glue that brought them closer through enjoyment and pure delight! I must confess that it was quite the excitement for me to share the camera experience with other foodies. I just know that people that love food, love life! Plus, sharing a delicious dish in good company – the ultimate love language, haha!

Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

When we met for coffee to brainstorm ideas, I wasn’t sure how we were going to incorporate food into their visual experience. All I knew is that it needed to be there. I was pleasantly surprised when Will offered his parents’ kitchen as the backdrop. Instead of going about nature trying to force an emotion out of them, cooking a meal was their most intuitive and fluid option. My gosh was I elated! It was a new experience for me and I was all for it. I was their guest and they were serving up some naughty chorizo lasagna made from scratch. I do not eat pork, but on this day I made an exception, how could I not?

Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

We had a blast! There’s nothing comparable to being around people that love what they are doing. The ease in which everything unfolded, the passion, the little parcels of cheese I stole here and there – made it all worth it. Picturing my future partner, I only hope that our time in the kitchen reflects the tenderness, fun, and joyfulness both Nicole and Will exuded. Such beauty! The visual truly made my heart warm and fluttery. Needless to say, that lasagna was mouth watering, especially with the salsa verde they whipped up and drizzled on top. I will never say no to an olive oil base sauce infused with an excess of cilantro and garlic. Sign me up today and tomorrow and everyday thereafter!

Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

Best of energies,


Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

Couple's Engagement - Food & Cooking

  1. Yoffre Mor says:

    Maria, me encantó la forma en que describes la experiencia de Nicole y Will, con tus palabras y tus extraordinarias fotos me hiciste vivir el especial momento. Haces magia con tu lente!
    Una sola palabra resume tu blog: FASCINANTE

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