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Guiding Yoga In a Work/Academia Setting

Over the past two years I’ve been given the opportunity to share my knowledge of yoga, wellness, breath, and meditation in both work and academia settings with the goal of providing tools to manage stress, ease anxiety, increase productivity, and ignite a more peaceful and introspective inner well-being. Every time I finish hosting one of these wellness events, it feels immensely rewarding!

Florida International University; Tea and Sound Healing Mediation; Miami, FL

It is one thing to teach within the yoga and wellness community. Many of the people involved in the latter are quite aware of their inner workings. They often have their own practice, embody the teachings, are well versed in the spiritual lingo, and truly believe in the benefits and positive effects of many, if not all, of the modalities.

On the other hand, the audience in an office or academia setting is quite different. Most of them are neither immersed in the spiritual work, nor do they know much about yoga or breathing. I have found that even without fully knowing all the details, alumni and employees alike are open to each experience I have brought forth with ease and desire. Of course I’ve been approached by a very few with skepticism, a little bit of fear, and whole lot of shyness. Believe it or not, even the most resistant still find their way to the mat, sit themselves down, and try it out. They show up to the mini yoga classes during their lunch break or the sound healing and breathwork sessions after their afternoon meeting. They give themselves, the teachings, and myself a chance!

Corporate Yoga Wellness Event

Sawgrass Lake Center; 2 Day Wellness Event; Sunrise, FL

From my perspective, one of the most fulfilling moments is to bare witness the change in facial expressions of each participant from the beginning of the session to the end. Without fail, their eyes feel softer, their cheekbones, lighter, and for the most part, they tend to have gentle smiles on their faces. It is beautiful to see the effects manifested without any verbal exchange. Multiple times, employees come up to me after our experience and express how well rested they feel. Something that has not been common throughout the entirety of their week or life. What a gift!

Corporate Yoga Event South Florida

Ritz-Carlton Hotel; Meditation Sessions; Fort Lauderdale, FL


Corporate Yoga Wellness Event, South Florida

W-Hotel; Yoga Class; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Time and time again, these little happenings have validated that I am in the right place, doing the right things, sharing in the most enriching ways, and helping the community! I feel like my cup is constantly overflowing and for that I can only express boundless gratitude.

Yoga and Academia

As I cannot be both the photographer and the yoga guide at all of these wellness events, I entrusted the lens to my peers, students, managers, and employees hoping they would capture the essence of our co-creating wellness journey. You will also find that in most of the photos the participants are laying down because those were the only times I could capture them. With an immense appreciation, I share below visual love notes (photographs) taken from their perspective.

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Florida International University – Tea Meditation & Sound Healing


Sawgrass Lake Center – 2 (1/2) Days of Yoga, Meditation, & Breath (hosted every quarter)



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