Maria Mor

Photo by: Chloe Ramirez – I’ve had quite a bit of time to sit down and ponder on the last 3.5 years of my life. It has been a hectic ride filled with many triumphs and failures. Failures I consider triumphs as they were the learning experiences encompassing most of my self-growth. However, in the […]

You’ve set your alarms, but do not want to get up. Eating is more of a force of habit rather than pleasure. Everyday seems like a drag. Your emotions have become so desensitized to the point that you no longer feel. Numbness we call it. The lack of motivation only really leaves room for going […]

Maria Mor Photography

There are more than 7.6 billion people in the world and yet you only get to meet a small portion of them. Don’t you find that interesting? I think it is mind blowing. No matter how much we travel, it is merely impossible to encounter each and every individual on Earth. Makes you value your […]

Individual portraits

“If you love something let it go, if it comes back then it is yours forever and if not it was never meant to be.” I sit here contemplating on life and I try to understand what it truly means to love someone. Numerous bubbles popped in my head, but only 3 remained for further […]

love and engagement shoot

“The Ocean. The Sun. A Ring. An Engagement.” Genuine unconditional love does not have a calendar or a due date. It does not wait for us to pencil it into our long-term goals or next month’s to-do list. No, that type of love often swifts into our lives unexpectedly, without planning, text messaging alerts, or […]

Engagement session

It was only a matter of time before Carmen, Kelley, and I would share our first photographic experience together. You see, I have secretly been cheering for their relationship on Instagram since day one. You may call it border line stalking, but I call it productive research. Just through one photograph on their feed, I […]

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