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Maria’s Note: Children have this innocence about them that if observed with detail, can teach us quite a few qualities. They are kind without asking for anything back. They play without limitation. Often running, dancing, tumbling, and falling on the floor. They do not care about getting dirty or injured. They JUST PLAY! When they […]

Deantoni Family Portraits

If there was a human dictionary with all of our names neatly listed, I would search for Tiff, Toph, or any of their little ones and the word authenticity would be typed right below their names. It may be that the word itself has been run down for the past few years by photographers, musicians, […]

Maria’s (The Photographer) Note – A Poem: I am a lover… of negative space, vast landscapes, elongated skies, undulating lines, off-set scenarios, contrasting colors, and nurturing hands. …I am a lover… A smile. A Laugh. An embrace in the dark. Your soul touching mine. The sun in the sky warming our hearts. For when your […]

Photo by: Chloe Ramirez – I’ve had quite a bit of time to sit down and ponder on the last 3.5 years of my life. It has been a hectic ride filled with many triumphs and failures. Failures I consider triumphs as they were the learning experiences encompassing most of my self-growth. However, in the […]

The secrets we silently tell with our gestures! He reaches for her hand Her face lights up Gently, he brushes her hair As she looks deeply into his eyes Fingers intertwined Laughter He brings his hands around her in a tight embrace, pulls her sleeve down her shoulder His lips meet her porcelain skin They […]

You’ve set your alarms, but do not want to get up. Eating is more of a force of habit rather than pleasure. Everyday seems like a drag. Your emotions have become so desensitized to the point that you no longer feel. Numbness we call it. The lack of motivation only really leaves room for going […]

Maria Mor Photography
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