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Adventurous Family Portraits With Andrew and Madeline In Joshua Tree

When families hire me for a photographic experience I can see the excitement in their eyes! “It has been ages since we have been able to get the entire family together for a photograph,” they tell me. I can understand. Between work and activities, picking a time that is best for everyone can be difficult.

Family Portraits

I know that for these 2 hours, my clients pray for well behaved children that will wear the clothes they have so perfectly laid out and stand perfectly still with a big smile. The reality of the matter is, it does not always go as planned. Kids want to run, yell, sing, explore, be giddy, and play. Kids truly just want to be kids and I 100% encourage that. I want your kids to express themselves! My parents out there, please do not ever feel embarrassed if your children start crying in the middle of our session or they want to play and run the entire time.

In fact, let them do all of that and join them. Sit with them and play with the sticks they are so enthralled with. Run with them and give them a piggy back ride. Be children with them, because these moments that you share with your children in front of my camera are what make amazing memories worth capturing. We can swirl, jump, laugh, and even throw little rocks.

Family Portraits

I love to see how your eyes light up as your little ones hold your hands. If they become restless, we can give them a break. You were a couple before you became parents and it is important to focus on that aspect of your family as well. Each of you have a unique place within your family that makes your entire circle a whole. Allow for little snippets of your individuality come out in your outfits! Coordinate, but also sprinkle a little bit of YOU! My goal is to let this session be as organic and fluid as possible. Of course we’ll take those formal photos as well, just expect the unexpected the rest of the time!

Family Portraits

With that being said, I absolutely loved spending time with this crazy crowd out in the desert somewhere near Yucca Valley in California! We just put on some hats and made the foggy morning our best friend. Their laid back personalities allowed for our experience to be open to anything. We had our minor crocodile tears, but we managed with some jumping and pure freedom! We even had time for a solo session with mom, Madeline! Remember, the adventurous soul is within everyone, all we have to do is unleash it once in a while!

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits Family Portraits Family Portraits

Family Portraits Family Portraits

  1. Yoffre Mor says:

    espectaculares fotos! felicitaciones. Gran talento tienes.

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