Maria Mor

I think life puts people in front of me to show me what kindness, stability, gentleness, honesty, patience, and sweetness look like. Mark Ryan being one of those people who embodies the essence of each word and then pours it all out for the world to receive. This sweet sweet soul! We met at Yoga […]

When families hire me for a photographic experience I can see the excitement in their eyes! “It has been ages since we have been able to get the entire family together for a photograph,” they tell me. I can understand. Between work and activities, picking a time that is best for everyone can be difficult. […]

5:30am hit the clock. I got on a plane with my brown motorcycle leather jacket, camera gear, and a huge smile! Sitting on the aisle I knew that this experience was going to be life changing. Only the lights of the waking airport could be seen from the window. I could feel a slight air […]

The annual DCC 5K took place on April 6th, 2019 at the Hard Rock Stadium. Held now for 9 years, the sporting event has opened an opportunity for all of us to aid present and previous cancer fighters. I watched eager participants run, walk, bike, and volunteer their way through the finish line. Proud to […]

DCC Polyglass 5K Event

This past month I had the pleasure of representing Ben Hicks, as lead photographer, at Honeywell President’s Club event in Miami. While Ben was in Ireland shooting another corporate event, I was holding down the fort in South Florida. I have to say having Julia as a second shooter was a huge support. The woman […]

Storystick event Honeywell

You know when you feel you have created something beautiful. A creation that blooms from a state of alignment and deep connection with your core. Well I have birthed this project that feels incredible and prosperous. My baby, if I do say so myself. Took me a month to settle with the idea and 3 […]

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