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  As a visual artist who is also a yoga guide (teacher) and student, I always try to find a sacred place of practice where I can roll out my mat  and feel safe unraveling through the many motions. Casa Mannabliss is one of the few “temples,” among others, where it feels like home. It […]

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I met Joanne at yoga class in one of our local parks near the beach. She was setting up her mat next to mine. I didn’t know her, however, I thoroughly enjoyed her presence. Once she sat down I said “hello,” and our friendship fruition from there. At the end of our class, I handed […]

5:30am hit the clock. I got on a plane with my brown motorcycle leather jacket, camera gear, and a huge smile! Sitting on the aisle I knew that this experience was going to be life changing. Only the lights of the waking airport could be seen from the window. I could feel a slight air […]

Photo by: Chloe Ramirez – I’ve had quite a bit of time to sit down and ponder on the last 3.5 years of my life. It has been a hectic ride filled with many triumphs and failures. Failures I consider triumphs as they were the learning experiences encompassing most of my self-growth. However, in the […]

You know when you feel you have created something beautiful. A creation that blooms from a state of alignment and deep connection with your core. Well I have birthed this project that feels incredible and prosperous. My baby, if I do say so myself. Took me a month to settle with the idea and 3 […]


You’ve set your alarms, but do not want to get up. Eating is more of a force of habit rather than pleasure. Everyday seems like a drag. Your emotions have become so desensitized to the point that you no longer feel. Numbness we call it. The lack of motivation only really leaves room for going […]

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